India has amazing network of different type bridges around the country from river bridges to sea bridge or rail bridge to road bridges. Rail-cum-road bridges of India are the major part of Indian rail and road network to connect every city and operate at the same time. There are few rail-cum-road bridges in India and couple are under construction in the state of Assam and Bihar.

The Ganga-Munger Bridge is under construction rail-cum-road bridge over the river mighty Ganga at Munger, Bihar state of India. The 3.19 kilometers long river bridge will connect two city Bakhtiyarpur and Tajpur and also link the two national highways NH 80 and NH 31. Rail-cum-road bridge over river Ganga at Munger, Bihar will be second longest rail road bridge of state Bihar and third longest of the country.

Some Key Features & Statistics

Length: 3.685 km
Span: 1x32m +29x121.6m + 1x32m, Steel Work: 61000 MT. (approx)
Salient Features of superstructure of the Ganga Bridge
Span arrangement: 1x32m + 29x121.6m + 1x32m  (3.685 km approx.)
Weight of steel per 121.6m span: 1915 MT
Weight of steel per 32m span: 350 MT
Total steel work
High Tensile Steel (E350): 28510 MT
Mild Steel (E250): 27625 MT
Girder configuration: Double Warren truss girder with railway track & composite RCC road deck.
Loading standard: 25T-2008 Railway load and IRC 70R & Class A load
Initial value: Rs. 790 Cr.
Revised: Rs. 995 Cr.
# Considering truss configuration, huge self weight and multiple spans over perennial river flow segmental construction preferred and adopted.
# Bridge components fabricated at site workshops.
# Specially designed welding machine was used for sub merged arc welding (SAW).
# Monthly production rate maintained at 2000 MT.

Ganga Bridge at Munger, Bihar

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