BBJ undertook successfully restoration works of existing bridges, the first of which being Rupnarayan Bridge regirdering work at Kolaghat.

Due to extensive use of the existing Howrah Bridge, presently known as Rabindra Setu, Kolkata, the authorities deemed it fit to take up the repairing and restoration of Rabindra Setu and the choice was none other than BBJ.

BBJ has been awarded with the contract for repairing and restoration of Bally Bridge, better known as Vivekananda Setu.

Keeping with the pace of reputation as BRIDGE BUILDERS TO THE NATION, BBJ accepted the challenge of Railway Guage Conversion work on Izat Bridge at Allahabad and Guwahati-Lumding project. BBJ has also successfully carried out the replacement of PSC girders with steel-girders at kopili and Digaru Bridges under N.F.Railway. Completion of these projects in time enabled Government of India to establish link Nagaland (Dimapur) with the rest of the country.

Restoration of Khidderpur Bridge in Kolkata and Ullhas Bridge in Mumbai executed by BBJ.

Replacement of old Baitarani Bridge at Jaipur carried of by BBJ within limited duration of traffic block.

Regirdering of 36 nos. of old steel bridges along with concrete bed blocks executed of by BBJ within limited duration of traffic block

(some pictures of bridges under repair & railway gauge conversion)