Shri Sundar Banerjee

Ever since BBJ was incorporated in 1935, it made a long and eventful journey. During the entire course, BBJ witnessed many events of turbulence. It was indeed the basic instinct and core strength that made BBJ to stand by the time and complete glorious 83 years with flying colours.

Being constituted jointly by Burn Standard, Braithwaite and Jessop, the renowned Steel Fabricators at the pre-independence periods, BBJ having borrowed their Corporate heritage, commenced it's journey as a maiden construction Company.

Construction of 'Calcutta Mint' 'GPO Building' 'Martin Burn House' the heritage and edifice of Kolkata came up during the first few decades bear the mark of glory even today. Stepping on further, completion of Howrah Bridge, a suspension Bridge, a wonderful engineering marvel with novelty, creativity and innovation remains another success story.

Even in adversity during seventies, BBJ was relentless, moved on in sequel to time for the next mile stone. Completion of two major Signature Bridges over River Brahmaputra, popularly known as 'Naranarayan Setu ' and the other was over River Ganga , known as 'Vidya Sagar Setu' was indeed jewels in it's crown . The Bridges integrated cultural, social and ethinic needs of divergent clad of River Brahmaputra and Ganga, since dedicated to the nation by Govt. of India, owning the pride of BBJ in the History.

Exploring opportunities further, BBJ courageously secured another mega project for construction of Bridge over River Ganga at Munger, much bigger in size and in volumes than BBJ did ever before. Under the aegis of both Ministry of Heavy Industry so also Ministry of Railways with it's time tested technology, dedicated man power and astute team of management, BBJ indeed revolutionized technology and to curve a niche over major players with a 'Distinct Brand' of its own.

In a move ahead of its glorious journey, progressive construction work for other Bridges in Manipur & Mizoram is much to prove the core competencies of BBJ in the related field of innovation and absorption of technology.

It is worth remembering that BBJ is a name built brick by brick over several decades with seamless performance over colossal work of Bridge Construction made its service precious for the Country and for the nation as well. With plenty given by it to the nation, much more is in the making to come ahead of time. BBJ is thus worth remembering gracefully with respect, pride and glory with its track record of consistent profitability and potential for high growth in the time to come.